I am Kristi

At the end of the Soviet era shops were empty and there was no chocolate available for years. I was a child then and I used to listen with fascination my grandparents telling us how in the 30’s shops were filled with mouth watering candies, chocolates, pate de fruit, waffles. Their taste was natural and package one of its kind.

We have a lot of mass produced chocolates in our shops today but it is difficult to find fresh and natural tasting chocolate with appealing package. This gave us the idea to offer customers an alternative and to make artisan chocolates without any preservatives using forgotten recipes and exceptional packaging. I learnt from old masters in Estonia and abroad how chocolates and pate de fruit were prepared more than 50 years ago. Of course we privilege in our products local ingredients – blueberries, raspberries, sea-buckthorn, seaweed, butter and cream.

Please come and visit us in Suur-Karja 20, Tallinn, and have a firsthand experience on how our chocolate masters and artists work. Our workshop is open to everyone.